"Walk with Me" Research
Creative Community Involvement with the Alzheimer's Patient
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"Walk With Me" began as a research project developed and sponsored by The Trinity Foundation.   

"Walk With Me" was designed with the hypothesis that physical activity might decrease agitation and aggression in Alzheimer's residents who experience "Sundowners" syndrome. In cooperation with Meadowbrook Care Center in Cincinnati, we created a program that paired high school student volunteers with Meadowbrook's Alzheimer residents. Every weekday (Monday through Thursday) for 8 months, 40 volunteers spent one hour walking and talking with residents from the Alzheimer's wing. We examined prescription medications, sleeping patterns and the behavior of the walkers during and after the "Walk With Me" program.   

This research was the catalyst for the entire program. However, the program itself was an obvious success on its own, and the way it touched people lives became much more important than the research and statistical analysis. We know that "Walk With Me" makes a significant difference to many more lives than we had ever anticipated. The testimonials of family members, the positive changes we saw in our residents and the outpouring of support from the schools and the community at large told us we were on to something much larger than a single research project.  

 Thus the creation of the Walk with Me Program guide. The program guide is designed to help your facility put a "Walk with Me" program in place. The guide includes detailed instructions, sample forms, and additional information designed to facilitate the process of running a "Walk With Me" program.   
The benefits will be obvious, to your residents,their families, the volunteers, and to your facility's image in the community. 

Our  goal is to see Walk With Me in 17,000 nursing homes in the United States.
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